Raise money for charity

We can help you raise money for your charitable organization

We care about people and our community.  Its about caring and showing love and giving back.  As such, we can help you raise money for your charity or organization.  Heres what happens...

  1. You throw a paint party.  You can have it at your location or ours.  We're okay with either one.
  2. Promote the event to your organization.  We need to have at least 20 people attend.
  3. DURING the event we will write you a check and donate 40% of any money collected to your organization.  

Its that simple.

This charity event is intended for charity, helping others, and reaching out to our community.  As such there are some organizations that may be classified a charity but don't really qualify (You do know the NFL use to be a charity, right?).  Contact us if to schedule your event.