Peter Campbell

Peter Campbell paints the beauty of all things. Known for his tonalist landscapes of light and quiet mood, he also paints Still Life, Portraits and Plein-Aire Studies. His work is based on light, form, color and composition. Working mainly from sketches, memory and life, he brings quiet contemplation to the ordinary often missed world. Making the common-place special his paintings draw the viewer into a quieter world. His works grow in appreciation over time.

Patrice DeLorenzo

“Simply put, I love to paint. I am compelled by what I see and hear; inspired to paint those subtle, quiet places that are elegant and beautiful. I use expressive color and brushwork to create the atmosphere and feel of a place, a thought, a memory.

Jeramiah Townsend

Owner of The Art Supply House and The Art Experience

"I love art.  Art is an amazing thing.  It is the pinnacle of every society throughout history.  It enriches our lives.  It helps us to dream.  At the same time, anyone can learn to do art.  Art is amazingly fun when we put aside our perfectionism.  Its creation and self expression. "