Corporate Events

Looking for a creative way to inspire your team? Want to establish connections that can lead to greater teamwork, positivity, and overall happiness? Want to see your co-workers bond? Corporate Paint Parties are the answer!

We make teamwork fun. There's no better way to inspire creativity and bring your whole group together. Whether you’re looking to boost morale, launch a new initiative, or reward your team for a great year, our corporate events encourage collaboration, friendship, and creativity.

Corporate Events

Your company already stands out - your events shouldn't be boring. Break out of the dinner party rut and get to know who your co-workers really are at a Corporate Event that's creative, unique, and fun!

Flexible Options

We'll come to your office, meet you at a local venue, or host you at our studio. You choose a painting from past events or we can help you create your own. We can accommodate both large and small parties ranging from 10 individuals to more than 50.

Easy to Plan

After planning and hosting events for years we're experienced in creating unforgettable team building events, client parties, and more. We protect your space with floor and table covers, and provide aprons for all guests. Setup and clean-up is included, leaving you free to enjoy the event. You can count on a well-organized, upscale event. Just tell us what you need, and we'll make it happen.

Benefits of Creativity

Getting creative has business, health, and social benefits. Paint Parties can lead to increased productivity, teamwork, engagement, and better moods all around.

Why Paint Parties Rock

  • Boundaries are broken down and co-workers get to see each other in a new light.
  • Your workspace gets a dose of boosted creativity.
  • Everyone creates and keeps a unique painting.

Ready to inspire your team, bring everyone together, and boost creativity? Call us to book your corporate paint party today!