About us

It all started off because my wife said...

"Jeramiah, anyone who can paint like you has no right doing anything else."

Art gives us all so much joy. Throughout all history, Art is the pinnacle of any society. First a society developes resources for food and defense. Then comes industry. But always, every society develops art as it matures. Art is the pinnacle of any society. It is the capstone. The crowning jewel. Art represents all we love and hold dear. And I want to share that enjoyment with others. I wanted a place where anyone could truly experience art.

The Art Experience is an Art Studio and gallery. Our mission is to help people experience art from all its many perspectives: young children creating art with their parents, students learning to draw and paint, masterclass workshops, AMAZINGLY fun paint parties (because art should always be FUN), an art gallery, and art business classes for emerging artists.

Our goal is to make art fun for all.

About Us

Art Classes for Everyone

Our goal is to help everyone experience the beauty and fun of art. Not just kids.  Not just high end professional artists.  Everyone.  Art is the pinnacle of any society.  And we want to share that with the world.

Classes include: toddler art (parents encouraged to attend), after school and early release art programs. More traditional classes include: drawing, watercolor, acrylic, oil painting, and open studio time. We also offer art lectures, Masterclasses, and professional workshops for those looking for the ultimate in depth professional art experience.

Contact us if you want to schedule your next class or experience.

Art Gallery & Venue

We offer an art gallery of professional and emerging artists.  Unlike traditional art galleries, our gallery is specifically designed to show new artists every month.  Visitors get a chance to see new art from a wide variety of artists, and emerging artists get an opportunity to show their art in a working gallery.  

We aso offer a great venue for your next event, gathering, or business meeting.  Keep in mind, this is a working art studio, so stuffy board room meetings need not apply.  ;P

Contact us if you are an artist who wants to show in the gallery.

FUN Paint Parties

Come and enjoy a 2-3 hour paint party!  Our professional artist will guide you, or a group, through a painting.  We take you every step of the way and no skill is required.  At the end you get to take home your own painting to remember the event.  We make it easy and amazingly fun!  This is great for family reunions, company team building, any parties, or just a fun night out.

We have Paint Parties every week.  Space is limited, so please reserve your space.

Contact us for the next available Paint Party or to schedule your custom event.